Activity: Engineering

Design of HTC prototype to remediate sludge polluted by organic compounds

Eco-Research Srl has developed  an HTC process (Hydro Thermal Carbonization) in lab , EU patent pending. The process allows the treatment and remediation of slurry and dust, containing dioxins and other toxic organic compounds, by keeping the product at very high temperature and pressure. In 2017 Eco-Research Srl signed  a contract with W.T.E. for the …

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Offer engineering

Dimensioning of two economizer banks installed up-stream and down-stream a new SCR reactor for a coal power plant operating in Vasilikos. Alstom Power Italia was one of the most important W.T.E.’s long-standing customers.

New control philosophy for a sewage sludge drying system

Thanks to its  know-how, W.T.E. was selected to deliver the study of the new control system of the existing sludge drying  plant to improve safety procedure switching from originally manual operation to an automatic one. W.T.E. also provided the related HAZOP through process analysis and management interviews. Basing on a suitable mathematical model, automation procedures …

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Engineering and permitting services

WTE has been in charge to develop technical documents in order to get the authorisation from Public Authority to use of a diathermic oil / steam boilers systems. The aim was to assure the compliance of the characteristics of existing components with parameters defined by law. SATTA & BOTTELLI, sited in the neirbourough of Milan, …

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Engineering services

Offer engineering

Carlo Gavazzi Impianti requested  W.T.E.  to deliver  engineering services in order to complete the documents for tender concerning the thermal cycle (27 MWe) and the flue gas cleaning system of a new biomass to energy plant. W.T.E.  calculated energy and mass balances both in-  and off-design and delivered Process Flow Diagrams.    

basic engineering

Engineering services for two Turbogas plants

W.T.E. provided engineering services to E.s.e. Srl in order to support this client in evaluating Air Condensers to be installed on two Combined Cycle Power Plant in Middle East countries.

Engineering services

Offer engineering

W.T.E. provided Carlo Gavazzi Impianti with  process engineering to draft offers for  new biomass plants in Macchiareddu, Russi, Casei Gerola , final client Enel Green Power . W.T.E. delivered engineering services for approx. 1000 h.

Engineering services

W.T.E. delivered to ALSTOM engineering services related to the new DeSOx system to be installed downstream a 320 MWe utility boiler on the coal power plant in Litoral Almeria (ES).