Activity: Engineering

Engineering and permitting services

Engineering services to receive GSE approval of the project related to a new cogenerative biomass to energy plant with of capacity 2.4 MWe . The plant would have been fed with residues of wood treatment produced in the main industrial process owned by Florian Legno Spa

SCR standardisation on GT HRSG boilers

The Client requested W.T.E. to provide mechanical and thermodynamic standardisation, performance test procedure and erection engineering analysis about boilers to be revamped by SCR deNOx systems, to treat flue gas released from a natural gas (gas turbine). W.T.E. delivered technical specifications for work instruction, SCR catalyst, ammonia injection, storage and dosing, ammonia grid, flow control …

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Basic engineering

Preliminary thermal dimensioning of a new boiler with capacity 49 MWth fed by RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel).

Preliminary study: thermal cycle in a distillery

Preliminary study of a new thermal cycle and steam turbine capacity 1MWe. The distillery, D.E.T.A. located in Barberino Val d’Elsa, wanted to use its grapes residues and lees for energetic purposes.

Feasibility study for energy recovery from industrial refuse

ABET Laminati SpA had high energy consumption in the processes: through a third party (CRESM)they appointed W.T.E. to study the optimization of the existing combustion process and a new co-generative thermal cycle. The processed fuels  are industrial by-products, very reach in ashes, which frequently plug furnace and boiler. W.T.E. delivered a feasibility study that concerned …

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