Activity: Services

Maintenance services

Dister Energia Spa, owner of a biomass cogeneration plant, appointed W.T.E. for the boiler refractories maintenance and for the boiler cleaning.

Spare parts supply

W.T.E. delivered several spare parts (thermocouple) to Dister Energia Spa. Frequent customers as Dister turn to W.T.E. for urgent specific  supplies.

Maintenance services

Dister Energia Spa is the owner of a biomass plant with 24 MWth capacity, whose furnace  was designed and constructed by W.T.E. Knowing W.T.E.’s reliability and timeliness in providing engineering services the Client requested a maintenance operation on SH and tube walls, including the issue of reports and final certifications for public Authorities.    

Engineering services

W.T.E. organised a training course which would prepare the operators to the conduction of the plant. The course was focused on three items: furnace:   combustion and control of pollutant emission; maintenance combustion diagram combustion control and steam production.    

Maintenance services

W.T.E. delivered maintencance services to the incineration plant managed by Hera in Ravenna. The plant needed an operation of on-line cleaning on the boiler of the line 1.

Maintenance services

AEM Gestioni Srl and W.T.E. signed an annual contract for on-line cleaning of boilers existing on the incineration plant in Cremona. This  system allowed to carry out the cleaning activity during the running of the plant and to avoid the complete shut down. The boilers and furnaces  were cleaned thanks to  controlled explosions of bags …

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Maintenance services

W.T.E. signed a two-year contract with Ecologia Ambiente- Gruppo Hera whose object was the on-line cleaning service for the MSW incineration plant in Ravenna.

Engineerig services: handbook editing

W.T.E. delivered engineering services for support ALSTOM in edition of the handbook of erection of new flue gas cleaning system of the wte plant in Parona Lomellina (PV).