Object: Flue Gas Cleaning System

Generation and capture of furans and dioxins in steell mill

ALSTOM Power Italia SpA commissioned to W.T.E. an analysis about dioxin and furan, generated during the melting process into the steel mill electric arc furnace (EAF). The study was integrated by a preliminary project of different abatement plant sections.  

Basic engineering

W.T.E. studied and delivered to Hascon Engineering the dimensioning of a spray dryer and technical specifications of washing towers to be provided to foreign client.

CHPP 50MWth from coal to biomass with 15MWe new thermal cycle. Feasibility study

Mascioni S.p.A. (Cuvio-VA), an important Italian yarn-dyeing factory, appointed W.T.E. to design and engineer the way to substitute coal for PKS (Palm Kernel Shell) and dried sewage sludge in its 50 MWth boiler. The boiler had to deliver superheated steam (455 °C e 64 bar) to a co-generative thermal cycle, including a new full condensing …

CHPP 50MWth from coal to biomass with 15MWe new thermal cycle. Feasibility study Read More »

Engineering and supply

ALSTOM Power Italia ordered to W.T.E. the engineering,  the construction and delivering  of a second gypsum slurry diverter for a desulphuration system installed on the Power plant “Centrale Thermique de Provence”, fed by coal, located in Meyreuil, France


Engineering service assistance for a MSW incineration plant in Fusina

Engineerig services: handbook editing

W.T.E. delivered engineering services for support ALSTOM in edition of the handbook of erection of new flue gas cleaning system of the wte plant in Parona Lomellina (PV).

Feasibility study

Development of an innovative system to control exhaust flue gas temperature and replacement of the existing lime milk gas reactor with a dry sodium bicarbonate reactor.

Engineering of APC system, EfW plant

IBI Spa ordered to W.T.E. the development of complete engineering of the air treatment system (reactor and Venturi) to be installed on the  MSW incineration plant, owned by CASIC, in Cagliari.